Crop production in the group of companies "TAK" is more than 10,8 hectares of leased lands in Kiev, Vinnitsa and Odessa regions. The area of ​​land under cultivation is growing steadily every year. Crop production activities are divided into northern and southern parts. Due to the climatic conditions of each region corresponding protection systems, culture, varieties and hybrids that provide the best results at optimum cost were selected. Fertile lands, cultivated by the group, are based in Kiev and Vinnitsa regions and consist of more than 7100 hectares. The main crops here are early crops, corn and sunflower. Despite difficult weather conditions in 2013 the gross for the group amounted to almost 64,000 tons of grain. As for productivity in crop, group members each year are leaders in their respective regions.

The yield of crops and varieties of the group of companies "TAK":